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Season One  review by Bobby Blakey

When Yellowstone hit the airwaves in 2018 who would have known that it would have been the monster hit it is now heading into the second half of its fifth season. After much success it was announced that a creator Tyler Sheridan would be bringing numerous prequel and sequel spin off series with the first being 1883 that ran for one season in 2021-2022. Now the next series that time jumps with 1923 starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren takes us on a new journey in the history of the Dutton family, but does it live up to the legacy of the Yellowstone franchise or will fail to survive the changing times?


1923 follows the unhindered passion and the shocking truths of the American West, from a whirlwind romance out of Africa to the rugged mountain frontier of Montana. Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing post-war world, Western Expansion reveals the depths of human greed and the forced assimilation of Indigenous Peoples. The series recounts the journeys of a multi-generational ensemble as they fight for their legacies to endure and hope that those they depend on will return to the places and people they call home.


AS a fan of both the original series and 1883 I was eager to see what was next especially with Mirren and Ford leading the charge. It takes a bit to get acclimated to the timeline and figure out who everyone is in connection with both the series, but its laid out pretty well despite being a bit convoluted at times. Despite this aspect this new series kicks just as much butt as the predecessors before it.


Like the previous shows it wastes not time in getting right to the meat of it all and letting us quickly understand the time we are dealing with. Where

1883 was pure western, 1923 merges it with the changing times of change being both a modern era story and western all at once. It really leans into the early stages of the ranch we all know from Yellowstone without the modern additions. The fight for the land and world changes brings a fresh threat to the family and seeing them fight for everything they have further cements the station they are in with Yellowstone.


The cast are all great, but it’s Mirren and Ford that run the show. They are both in top form here with Mirren really carrying a heavier load due to events that transpire and really bringing her A game. Ford is top notch in this role and showcases his usual everyman persona blended with his age and gruff persona makes for the prefect character for this time and era. HE really missed a calling of doing more westerns in my opinion, but so glad to see him knocking it out of the park here.


The story hops around the globe as we learn about the whereabouts of some of the other characters and their own life journeys. I will say this secondary story is good, but the weaker of the overall series. It probably would have worked better on its own merit but splitting the Dutton ranch story and the two powerhouse icons at the helm just never allows it to live up to it potential. That being said it will be interesting to see where they go with it with the announced second season, but no telling how long that will be with the current situation in Hollywood.


In addition to all eight episodes of the season this release offers up bonus content including three all-new featurettes on bringing this series to life. Head back to the Dutton ranch and grab your copy of 1923: Season One when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on August 8th from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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