20th Century Fox announces A Hidden Life on Blu-ray and DVD

Tree of Life director Terrence Malik always offers up some interesting ideas and thought provoking films in his work. While they haven’t all worked for me there is no doubt in his vision or the amount of talent he attracts to every project. His latest film A Hidden Life looks a bit different than his previous work and appears to be back into a linear style, but with Malick you know you are in for something special and unique.


A Hidden Life follows real events about an unsung hero, Franz Jägerstätter, who refused to fight for the Nazis during World War II. Drawing from actual letters exchanged between the Austrian farmer and his wife Fani while Franz was in prison, the film follows the family’s remarkable journey of love and sacrifice. After being absent from his wife and daughters for months during mandatory basic training with the German Army, Franz is permitted to return to his peaceful Austrian countryside home. But when the war unexpectedly escalates, Franz is called up to fight, and as a new soldier, to swear an oath of allegiance to Hitler and the Third Reich. Yet, despite pleas from his neighbors, fellow soldiers and even trusted clergymen, Franz repeatedly refuses to take the oath. This decision lands the peasant farmer in prison, where he awaits trial for treason. Meanwhile, not only must Fani take care of the family’s farm and their three daughters, she is ostracized by neighbors who have succumbed to the Third Reich’s demands for loyalty. Eventually, Franz’s case goes to trial. He is found guilty and sentenced to death. But his unwavering beliefs and love for Fani and their three children keep his spirit alive.


Grab your copy of A Hidden Life when it hits digital on March 3rd and then on Blu-ray and DVD on March 17th from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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