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Tyler Perry's A Madea Homecoming                           review by Bobby Blakey


Back in 2005 Tyler Perry took on the film world by bringing his stage play Diary of A Mad Black Woman to the big screen. This introduced the world to Madea and the rest is history. Now after numerous stage productions, films, and TV shows Tyler Perry and Madea arwe back with A Madea’s Homecoming starring Tamela Mann, David Mann, Cassi Davis Patton, Gabriella Dennis, Brandon Black, Chandace Maxwell, Isha Blaaker, and Amani Atkinson as well as a guest appearance from iconic Irish actor Brendan O'Carroll who matches Madea's comedic prowess as Agnes Brown.


A Madea Homecoming follows Madea's great-grandson's college graduation, though the celebratory moment hits a halt as hidden secrets and family drama threaten to destroy the happy homecoming. It was announced that Perry was retiring the character after A Madea Family Reunion and the stage production Madea’s Farewell Play, but obviously change his mind to bring this latest chapter straight to Netflix. I have been a fan of Perry’s films since the beginning with only a few that haven’t really worked for me. That being said I had grown tired of some of the more recent entries that tried to really push Madea to the comedy front and center, so had low expectations for this one.


To my surprise this one not only brought the laughs, but took it back a bit to some of the heavier tones making it one of the better in the franchise in some time. The majority of the laughs are the usual banter between Madea and pretty much everyone else, but this time around brought in some competition with O’Carroll’s Agnes Brown. Having these two similar in idea, but different in execution characters from two different countries really gave it that something fun it needed. The cast were all good, but it’s the regulars of the family that really carry this film.


Through the main story we get the usual family drama and some not so usual with the twists and turns in the relationships. Some fun additions include an over the top back story about a past Madea relationship that is pretty damn funny. It even weaves in a ridiculous take on a historical figure that makes it all the more silly and funny. The overall film is pretty funny, but at the same time still pretty predictable despite its couple of twists.


If you are a not a fan of the Madea films then you won’t like this one either, but for those that do you will likely have a a great time. Either way, decide for yourself and check out Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming streaming now on Netflix.

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