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Samuel Goldwyn Films debuts poster and trailer for As Good As Dead

Writer, director, actor and martial artist Michael Jai White has been kicking major butt in Hollywood for years. Like every actor not all his films have been great, but I can tell you if his name is attached I am in. His latest film As Good As Dead, which he also wrote, teams him up with a great supporting cast including Tom Berenger, Luca Oriel, Louis Mandylor, and Guillermo Iván with director R. Ellis Frazier at the helm.

As Good As Dead follows Bryant, a man with a mysterious past moves to a small Mexican border-town to start over and live the simple life. While there, he reluctantly befriends a troubled local teen who recently lost his morning and is being recruited by a local street gang. To keep him on the straight & narrow, Bryant takes him under his wing and introduces him to martial arts. As the story unfolds, we learn Bryant is more complex, running from a violent past. As it catches up to him, he is forced into a life and death struggle to clear his name, save the boy and get back all he left behind.

While you will have to wait until December 16th to see the film in select theaters and VOD/Digital, you can check out the first poster and trailer here now from Samuel Goldwyn Films.

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