The Complete Second Season
                               review by Bobby Blakey

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DC Comics and The CW has crafted a pretty impressive universe originally referred to at the Arrowverse named after the show that kicked it off, but now Arrow and Black Lightning has ended it and looked to new shows like Bartwoman to take up the mantle when it in premiered in 2019 with Ruby Rose taking on the titular role.  After a successful first season fans were shocked to hear that Rose was leaving the series with Javicia Leslie stepping into the lead as new character Ryan Wilder as the new Batwoman. Now Warner Bros is bringing the entire second season home, but was it able to live up to the world of Batman or should it have been kept in the cave?

Batwoman followed Kate Kane, armed with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind, who soars onto the streets of Gotham as Batwoman, an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter primed to snuff out the failing city's criminal resurgence. At the end of the first season, Crows Commander Kane has declared war on Batwoman, forcing everyone around them to choose sides. 

Season two kicks off with a major game-changer that alters Gotham City and The Bat Team forever. A new hero emerges from the shadows. Relatable, messy, loyal, and a little goofy, Ryan Wilder couldn’t be more different than the woman who wore the Batsuit before her, billionaire Kate Kane. Living in her van, Ryan has been made to feel trapped and powerless by the system her whole life and believes the Batsuit is the key

to breaking out of it. But what she’ll come to discover is that it’s not the suit that makes Ryan Wilder powerful, it’s the woman inside of it who finds her destiny in changing Gotham City for good. 

I love all things comics so always give these shows a chance. Being a fan of the Ruby Rose added to the excitement to get to see this character come to life. I did enjoy the first season for the most part, but the whole Alice story just wore out quickly and made it all feel redundant after a while. I admit that Rose leaving I fully expected the show to tank, but was happy to see that it actually worked a lot better with their new direction. Rose was great in the role, but Leslie does a great job as well making the character her own. I loved that they left it open to bring Rose back which I had crossed my fingers for, but alas they did end up recasting the role just to tie up the story arc and allow it to move on without her.

This season did well to find its own identity as opposed to just trying to make Ryan be the same character as Kane complete with an all-new Batmobile. The rest of the cast were good as well with the return of Alice being a disappointment as I had hoped it would lessen her arc with Kane gone, but instead they found a new direction for her that kept her front and center. I hope we move away from her sooner than later as it just doesn’t work in my opinion.

There are still more kinks to work out with the show and its rogues gallery, but I give some of that a pass as it was almost like having to start over again. I think the action this season was a lot better executed and I love the direction and surprise to where they are taking the Fox character. I know its par for the course with these CW shows to always end up creating teams on the show, but this direction makes it feel like a chance to step bigger into the Bat-verse in a fun way.

This release not only offers up all 18 episodes of the season, but bonus content including a gag reel, deleted scenes, and featurettes on bringing this latest season to life. Join the fight to defend Gothan with Batwoman: The Complete Second Season available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Warner Bros Home Entertainment.​