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Between Worlds        review by Bobby Blakey

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Over the years Nicholas Cage has had his ups and downs, but there is no doubt he can offer up some memorable performances. I personally love him the most when he is allowed to just cut lose like his recent films Mom and Dad and the insanely awesome Mandy. His latest film Between Worlds co-stars Franka Potente, Penelope Mitchell, Garrett Clayton, Lydia Hearst, and Hopper Penn, but does it bring more of the awesome insanity of his recent films or should it get lost in the flames of the underworld?

Between Worlds follows Joe, a struggling truck driver haunted by the memory of his deceased wife and daughter. Joe’s life takes a dramatic turn when he meets Julie, a woman with mysterious spiritual powers, whose daughter, Billie, lies in a coma. Julie enlists Joe’s help to stop Billie from crossing over to the spirit world, but when Billie awakes, her body is possessed — by the vengeful spirit of Joe’s dead wife. Where to start on this film? I still dig Cage and a lot of his films, but then one like this comes along and it makes me scratch my head. I know not every film comes out the way it seems it is coming together when making it, but this one is just all over the place.


The story tries to be smart and offer up unexpected twists, but it is so burdened by nonsense that it fails to offer anything up. Cage gives yet another over the top performance which I normally love from him, but here is just didn’t work. It felt like he was just kind of dragging through the motions to get it over with and I felt the same way waiting for this to end. The rest of the cast didn’t fare any better with tons of klunky dialogue and over the top performances. I stuck with this film and wanted to love it because I love when Cage gives his more insane over the top performances, but this one just misses the mark.


If you love Cage then give this film a shot and decide for yourself and grab your copy of Between Worlds available now On Demand, Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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