Alliance Entertainment announces Bravestorm on DVD and Digital


I love all things featuring giant robots and monsters. Sure there are more bad than good, but I will give them all a chance. The latest, Bravestorm is a cinematic remake of two 1970s Japanese TV series “Silver Mask” and “Super Robot Red Baron”. Now Alliance Entertainment is bringing the feature home.


Bravestorm follows the year 2050 where mankind is extinct on Earth. The last survivors, five Kasuga brothers, must use a time machine to travel back to the 2018, to collect a human capable of exterminating a group of giant robots sent to Earth by an alien race called the Killgis. Filled with massive action set pieces, robot battles, time travel, and tons of other sci-fi goodies, Bravestorm will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!


Join the battle as titans collide when Bravestorm hits DVD and digital on April 7th from Alliance Entertainment.