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Broken Sword Hero         review by Bobby Blakey

Well Go USA has cemented itself as the premiere martial arts film Distribution Company churning out some of the best in the industry. The latest martial arts flick being unleashed on fans is the Muay Thai themed Broken Sword Hero, but does it offer up the bone crunching action of true Muay Thai or will it drop after the first punch?

Broken Sword Hero follows the heroics of legendary military general Thongdee, a real warrior from Thailand’s Ayutthaya period. From the disparity as a young runaway to the toughest warrior among his people, a legendary fighter with unparalleled skills in Muay Thai and swordplay, fights for the freedom of his people. As someone who loves and teaches Muay Thai and had the honor of actually training in Thailand I was really excited for this film. Add to the fact that it stars real life Muay Thai champion Buakaw Banchamek and I expected nothing short of perfection, but while I still enjoyed the film it didn’t fully hit the mark I was hoping for. To be fair, Banchamek is not an actor so for being new to this genre he did a good job carrying the film. The story here is interesting and entertains throughout offering up a nice peak into Muay Thai and Thai history whether it is embellished or not.


Where it really struggled for me was the fighting itself which was a disappointment. With so much talent involved it always frustrates me to see them reigned in and not allowed to fully unleash what they can do. I understand that early aspects were meant to be lesser quality to showcase growth throughout the film, but the overall choreography is not as good as I had hoped. The later fights in the film are much better, but there are some early ones that are slow and not all that real looking that needed something more. Despite these issues it is still a good film and it makes me happy to see a Muay Thai focused feature and hope we get more of them.


Grab your copy of Broken Sword Hero available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Well Go USA.

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