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Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe                          review by Bobby Blakey

The world of burlesque is one of the most misunderstood adult art forms. Many people look at the performers as porn performers or strippers, but that is far from the truth. The latest film Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe takes viewers behind the glitter and feathers, but does it paint the picture it deserves to finally get this art form the respect it deserves or will it be the final curtain call?


Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe explores the world of burlesque and brings you up close and personal with the performers.  What inspires them?  How they feel empowered by burlesque?  The film dives into their transformation and to some to their obsession. This film focuses on a handful of performers in this troupe as they not only talk about their craft, but also their personal lives and the work and impact their passions affect. This is a pretty standard documentary in regards to its design, but there is a lot of fun and emotion packed into it. Throughout the film you get to hear about their process in creating the wide variety of shows and the inspirations behind them which in its self is interesting, it is more compelling just hearing about how much they put into it for so little. You can feel the passion come through their voices and performances as it often takes on some very personal directions of each of them.   


This is a very misunderstood art form that gets a bad rap and pigeon holed into something it isn’t and this film does a great job at opening up this world for people to really understand Burlesque. Whether you are a fan of Burlesque or not you should check out Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe available now in select theaters, VOD and iTunes.

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