Marvel hits milestone with Captain America # 700

Marvel recently shifted all the titles back to their original numbers bringing everything into the high side of numbering. With the current story arc of Out of Time creators Mark Waid and Chris Samnee will conclude the story with an oversized issue milestone 700th issue.

In the issue, frozen in time, awakened in a decimated future and once again a man out of his era, there is only one way for Steve Rogers to restore order and rebuild civilization—and that’s to rule it as King Captain America! Per SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort “No dream, no hoax, no lie, this IS Cap and this IS happening! Guest-starring the Thing and the Hulk (or as much as is left of them), it’s a celebration of 700 issues of star-spangled adventure! Plus, Mark Waid delivers an untold tale from Captain America's past, featuring the classic artwork of Jack Kirby!”


Don’t miss the conclusion of an arc that has seen some of Steve Rogers’ most epic adventures in Captain America #700, on sale this April.

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