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Charlie Brown’s All Stars!                review by Bobby Blakey

“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.”

There are few cartoons and comic strips that are as iconic as Charles Shulz Peanuts. Over the years outside the classic comic strip they delivered a ton of TV specials and more recently the big budget theatrical animated release. Now Warner Bros. is bringing yet another classic special to DVD with the 1966 special Charlie Brown’s All-Stars!

In the special at the end of their patience after yet another humiliating defeat of Charlie Brown's baseball team, the whole team quits on him. All seems lost until Charlie Brown learns that his team can join the Little League and become a member team with real uniforms! The team’s enthusiasm is rekindled, but unknown to them, Charlie Browns learns that neither the girls nor his dog Snoopy would be allowed to play. With great difficulty, Charlie Brown has to make a difficult moral decision and live with the consequences. This is yet another great special from the mind of the always brilliant Charles Shulz. Unlike most cartoons Peanuts has always remained grounded somewhat in reality allowing gets to relate the antics of these kids. Sure they get into some silly situations and even over the top at times, but this keeps the fun alive. This special keeps that same vibe intact giving all the characters their time to shine and offering up a great transfer of the fun special. The simplistic nature of the Peanuts characters designs is part of its charm, but for those that are not artists don’t realize ow complex some of these designs actually are.

In addition to the sports special this release features A Charlie Brown Celebration offering up a variety of stories featuring the gang with an introduction by the amazing Charles Shulz himself. If you are a fan of Peanuts like most in the world then this is yet another great release that will be a must have for your collection. Grab your copy of Charlie Brown’s All Stars! available now on DVD.

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