Coming to America:

30th Anniversary Edition             review by Bobby Blakey

For years there was no one as big at the box office as Eddie Murphy. He has so many classic films in his filmography that everyone has their favorites. In 1988 he re-teamed with director John Landis alongside Arsenio Hall and James Earl Jones for the hit comedy Coming To America and now it is getting an all-new special edition release to celebrate its 30th anniversary.


Coming To America follows an extremely pampered African Prince travels to Queens, New York, and goes undercover to find a wife whom he can respect for her intelligence and will. This movie still cracks me up every time. There are so many iconic comedic moments here all thanks to both Murphy and Hall. I always loved that while this is a Murphy film that Arsenio got a ton of time to shine throughout as well. Sure the main story arc is great, but some of the best overall moments are still the other characters they both play with my personal favorite being Murphy as singer Randy Watson with his band sexual chocolate. This entire sequence kills me every time and I always sing along with his rendition of “Greatest Love of All”.


Despite this being a silly comedy there is still love story that works here without ever getting too mushy, but does play up the standard format. Coupled with the hilarious fish out of water aspect and you have what I think is one of the best comedies ever. There is just so much to love here that is not only the details like the McDonald’s war to the cameos from Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy reprising their roles as the down and out Duke brothers from Trading Places as wdell as a young Samuel L. Jackson.


I love this film and think it is one that everyone should see and this new release is the perfect time to do it. In addition to the film this includes bonus content including a photo gallery and featurettes on bringing this film to life. Grab your copy of Coming To America 30th Anniversary Edition when it hits Blu-ray on June 12th from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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