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review by Bobby Blakey

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I love all things martial arts so when a new film comes along I am instantly ready to dive in. The latest film, Contracts starring Alex Chung, Jermaine Carty, Christena Gaunce, Dan Sanderson, Michael Carter, Kyle Stewart, Neil Bishop, Giulio Calisse, Jonathan Pang, Margaryta Soldatova, Rufio Luey, Paul Krysinski, Shahab Pierre, and Worfgang Kaufman. Could this film bring the promised martial arts action worth watching or will it fail to fulfill its contract?

Contracts follows jaded assassin Anthony Lo who is tapped on the shoulder by fellow hitman Marc Sullivan, who seeks Anthony's help to find and eliminate a rogue assassin who's picking off Sullivan's crew one by one. As someone who loves film and martial arts that also has a background in both I am all for independent films. When watching them I firmly believe that you have to view them through a different lens understanding what they accomplished with what they were working with.

This is one of those films that suffers a lot from its lower budget and independent nature, but I give them props for still creating a decent action flick. The story is simple and ironically similar to a film I made years ago called Silent Assassin that was a martial arts flick as well. There are some convoluted aspects of the story trying to get in those twists and turns that are predictable and pretty clichéd.

Thankfully the real reason for this film is the action. While not as overly exciting as bigger budget films they still deliver the goods. As the film moves forward the fights get better and bloodier. Sure there are some missteps here and there, but as a whole it is fun to watch. A lot of it feels like your friends making a film and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you have to understand that going in. The martial artists involved are all clearly talented and I give major props for their work and what they created, but it won’t work for everyone. If you can just enjoy the film for the action and what it is then it’s worth diving in to get in on the action.

Decide for yourself and check out Contracts available now On Demand from Indiecan Entertainment.

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