The Flintstones # 1

                   by Bobby Blakey

When you think of the Flintstones you imagine the Honeymooners-esque cartoon classic that offered up years of laughs and silliness. With DC’s latest revamp of the world of Hanna Barbara they have taken this cartoon classic and taken it in a whole new direction with The Flintstones from creators Mark Russell and Steve Pugh.

The Flintstones follows Bedrock, where Paleolithic humans head to dinner for a taste of artisanal mammoth after shopping at Neandertall & Big Men’s Clothing, where Wilma shows her modern art, and where, if you take a plane, you could literally end up sitting on  the tail section. This is the last property you would think could be made into something that is more serious in design and some tone but surprisingly it works. They have kept the always creative fun of how they incorporate the animals and puns to create this world but attempted to make the look and tone of the story more mainstream. This issue they use the Neanderthal race as a separate group to explain their society all while developing a story of trying to bring them together. There are plenty of laughs here, but not in the form of the over the top silly nature, but instead in real life of sorts. There is a great moment between Fred and Wilma that showcases not only their relationship but letting the reader know this is going to be more than just the usual cartoon you are used to.

This series is not reinventing the wheel by any means, but what it did do is do something fresh with the property that will entertain hardcore fans and likely offer up something for those that might not have been fans before. Decide for yourself and see where this version of the modern stone age family is taken with The Flintstones # 1 from DC Comics.

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