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Jeff Foxworthy & Larry the Cable Guy:                   We’ve Been Thinking…

                                                        review by Bobby Blakey

There is no doubt that two of the biggest comedians out there are Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy. These two titans of comedy have done numerous high profile specials, TV shows, movies and even an animated series together. Now they are teaming up once again for the Netflix exclusive special Jeff Foxworthy & Larry the Cable Guy: We’ve Been Thinking…

Obviously you have to be a fan of these guys to care anything about their comedy, but that is pretty much the same for any comedian. As expected both Foxworthy and Larry have offered up new material that works with their unique brand of comedy. While none of it felt up to their heyday both men still have a great presence on stage. They are the kinds of comedians that don’t work dirty, but offer up just enough edge in some of their material that it keeps them from always being family friendly. Sure their shows can be heard by pretty much all ages, but there are a few jokes here and there that tilt on the edge of adult humor. Most of the time they play with their catch phrases and real life situations like most comedians while speaking to the more blue collar audience. It is interesting with Foxworthy how he has a knack for mixing things up in relation to his theme where he made himself famous with the “You Might Be a Redneck” and has since moved on to more like “You Might Be From The South”. This is a brilliant direction on his part as it offers him the chance to keep with his theme, but still feel like he is mixing it up. Larry has always stuck to the same persona and just updated the material with the time and added in his other ventures like his commercials and what not to add to the laughs.

While this isn’t the strongest show I have seen from these guys, it is still funny and will no doubt be a hit. The special was filmed before a sold out crowd at the historic Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis and for anyone that enjoys their brand of comedy will get a lot of laughs. Be sure to check out the special exclusively on Netflix when it premieres on August 26th.

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