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review by Bobby Blakey


Well Go USA continues to be the premier distributor for the Asian film market. Their latest release is the martial arts revenge flick Furie starring Veronica Ngo who had a small but important role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Could this flick bring all the action it promised or will it be a kidnapping not worth stopping?

Furie follows a little girl who is kidnapped by a trafficking ring, but they soon find they messed with the wrong child. Her mother, a notorious former gang leader, is close on their trail and will go to any lengths to bring her daughter home. I love a good revenge flick so was hoping for a great action heavy film and for the most part it delivers.


The story is pretty simple, but it felt like there was something missing in the bigger picture to everything. Honestly though it could have just been me wanting to have some bigger twist than the one we got because it does work fine. There is a ton of action here with a lot more straight forward fight scenes than I really thought there would be. Some of the early ones are a bit clunky, but as they move forward they get more aggressive and better executed. I loved that they didn’t make her invincible as she takes some pretty bad beatings but refuses to give up.


Star Veronica Ngo carries the entire load of the film here and does a great job. She has so much physical work to do all while keeping a sense of emotional struggle playing throughout as well. She makes this film work and is a ton of fun to watch from beginning to end. You believe she will do anything to get her daughter back and will be rooting her along as she leaves a wake of bodies in her path.


While the majority of the film is a roller coaster ride of action there are some slower moments that keep it well paced and made for an overall pretty good action flick. If you like a good revenge flick or just seeing a woman kick some major butt then this is the movie for you. In addition to the film there is a behind the scenes featurette that takes you behind bringing this action flick to life.


Grab your copy of Furie available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Well Go USA.

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