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40th Anniversary Edition

                        review by Drusilla Blakey

Grease is still the word in this special 40th anniversary edition now on 4k!  The picture is brighter and the sound is better than ever, highlighting all the fun we remember.  If you’re like me, you’ll be singing and dancing your way through this beloved favorite.

This special edition includes a ton of special features, most notably an alternate beginning with a different title song, and alternate ending which has never been seen before.  We also get a look back and interviews, with the original cast from the stage production in ‘Greae: A Chicago Story’.  It was actually very interesting to get their point of view on what was happening when the film was being made.  Also interesting, is that some people from the show made it to the movie, but playing other characters.

The special features also include shorts and interviews from previous anniversary editions, but now you have them all in one place.  It was fun to see young John Travolta and young Olivia Newton-John talk about these roles and then see them again 20 years later.  They are still as cute as ever with each other.  Watching the features is an event of it's own that can take about 3 hours!

The story of Grease remains timeless.  A boy falls for a girl who makes him want to be better.  A girl falls for a bad boy that makes her want to talk a walk on the wild side.  And of course, the craziness of high school doesn’t change.  I feel that this is still a relatable story and for someone like me who has watched the movie perhaps 30 or so times, it is still impactful.  I still laugh, I sing, I do the hand jive….

For newcomers to the movie, I think this special 4k high def version is going to make it that much more accessible and easy to watch and get in to.  And I bet that soon they too will be hopelessly devoted to Grease!

Grab your copy of Grease: 40th Anniversary Edition available now on 4K Ultra, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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