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Home Again review by Drusilla Blakey

I am a huge fan of Reese Witherspoon and will watch absolutely anything she is in.  I was particularly interested in this new film as she is playing a 40-year-old mother dealing with marriage issues, raising kids, and the prospect of dating a younger man.  Seeing her portray something so true to life for people in my age group was very appealing to me.


I like that this story is dealing with real life issues that 40-somethings are going through.  Plus, we rarely get films discussing women dating younger men told as a serious narrative.  Typically, these women are portrayed as ‘cougars’ or a ‘Mrs. Robinson’ type.  Yet, Hollywood has no problem (and actually the purposely) putting together a 40-50 year old leading man with a 20-something leading lady. 


In recent years, actresses have opening discussed in their interviews how this has become ‘the norm’ in Hollywood so I feel this film really challenges us to see things from an honest perceptive.  What’s wrong with a woman dating a younger man?!


One of the things that was so striking, was how suddenly old Michael Sheen has gotten.  I still remember him as the fiercely handsome and mysterious werewolf Lucian from the Underworld series of films, but oh my!, times have changed.  He doesn’t look horrible; he just looks like a normal middle aged, soccer dad.  Which I think plays well into this whole narrative; so I’m hoping he put on weight on purpose (fingers crossed).


Now, the movie itself is good.  It’s well told, the characters are ‘real’ and even the clothing choices for Reese’s character put you in tune with a normal 40-year-old mom, wearing her typical soccer mom outfit of jeans and a cute top.  She wasn’t flashy or over the top, just a typical pretty mom you see on the street.  Everyone’s acting was fine and there are heart felt and funny moments throughout, which help keep the story moving so it never feels slow or disjointed.  This is not going to be a run-away hit, but will be a favorite that you can pop into the DVD player on a quiet evening when it comes home.


Anyone who loves Reese Witherspoon, dating younger men, or a fun girl’s night out should make time to check this one out.

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