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Howard Stern Comes Again                  review by Bobby Blakey


I have been a fan of all things Howard Stern for years going back to before he was originally pulled off the aired in Dallas around 1997. Since then he not only returned to the Dallas market through terrestrial radio, but moved onto The E Network with a series focusing on his show, a tenure on Americans Got Talent, two books a feature film and so much more including his take over at Sirius XM.  


Back in March 2019 he surprised fans with the announcement that after 20 years he was releasing an all new book titled Howard Stern Comes Again. This new book is a collection of his favorite interviews along with excerpts of varying moments and intros from the man himself on his thoughts and feelings of each of them. This is the kind of book you can dive right into and start at any interview you would like, but it’s highly recommended you read them all.


Fans and nonfans alike can find something to love here as his evolution in his own mentality has taken his already impressive interview style to the next level. I had already heard every single interview transcribed in this book either when it aired live or through best of specials over the years and they are still fun to dive back into. For those not in the know these are not just celebrities pushing their projects, but opening up in a way rarely

seen outside of some kind of special event interview. Even those are cut down to typically find some sort of angle, but here they are raw and uncut. He has the uncanny ability to make them feel like people you can relate to and here you can see so much of that in regards to addiction, depression, love, loss, struggle and more in their pursuit of success.


The interviews are enough to keep you engaged, but it’s the personal notes added to each of them from Stern himself that really give you a bigger eye behind the scenes. Sure there are jokes here and there as expected, but the bigger focus is his own insecurities and approaches to each of these interviews. Getting to read his thoughts on each of them and why they mean so much as a whole other level to the interview as well as to the man that most still think is just a foul mouthed radio shock jock.


I love his previous books, but this one is something different. This is an evolved version of the man and his show that I love and has grown apart of my daily routine quite literally. I listen every single day whether it be new shows or just listening to some best of. Getting to read his thoughts and approach to his process makes them feel bigger and when you return to listen to them or read them here feel like something fresh and new.


I know some fans hate the evolved Stern, but make no mistake the show is still the show we love but it features a man not afraid to evolve. This has made his interviews better and the shot better. There are still plenty of sex stories, fart jokes and the Wack Pack we love, but there is also a well-oiled machine that churns out the best interviews and radio around. This book may not change your opinions about the man, but if you dive in and just read about these varying life journey’s it might just speak to you deeper than you expected.


For those thinking I am just some paid press super fan who is doing fan service for his book, I am hard to buy gifts for so requested it for Christmas and received it from my daughter. I write this review for my love of this book and as a fan, but feel this is one that everyone should really give a shot.


Howard Stern Comes Again is in stores and online now wherever books can be found.

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