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IT: Chapter Two

    review by Bobby Blakey

There are few horror characters that are as iconic as Tim Curry’s IT from the 1990 TV miniseries portrayed brilliantly by Tim Curry. In 2017 director Andy Muschietti brought a new version of the story to life that garnered critical acclaim and success. Now the next chapter of the series aptly titled IT: Chapter Two is here. The film offers up a great new cast as the adults including Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, James Ransone and Andy Bean along with the cast from the first chapter, but does it bring the same fun and scares to the screen or will this be a reunion not worth the visit?

IT Chapter Two follows the characters from the first film who’ve long since gone their separate ways. Now twenty-seven years after their first encounter with the terrifying Pennywise a devastating phone call brings them back to take on the evil in the town of Derry, Maine. As much as I loved the original and the first chapter I was worried to see how well the second half was going to work. The kids were so great in the first one that it seemed pretty hard to capture the same magic, but I am glad I was wrong. The entire cast do a great job at not only bringing some great performances across the board but fully capturing the essence of their child counterparts.

The film wastes no time getting to it, but with an almost 3 hour run time it takes its time in allowing the audience to get to know the adult versions and how they’ve changed as they rekindle their own memories. I think the connection and chemistry is still there with all the characters, but might get lost on some due to the fun of the banter of the kids in Chapter One. Everyone is great, but much like most have already been saying Bill Hader steals the show. As great as he is though that doesn’t mean the rest of the cast don’t shine. The story allowing them to spend time separately gives each of them their time to showcase each of their performances on their own.


It feels as though we don’t get as much Pennywise this time around, but what we got is great. I thought I might be annoyed by this, but instead I enjoyed the cast so much that I wanted to see them interact and see their stories. When Pennywise does show up it is all great and a ton of fun to watch. I loved seeing how many new ways they used him this time around and was pretty happy with the final incarnation of him during the finale. I like them equally for different reasons, but think they should be viewed as more of a one long film as opposed to individual films. I hope we get a super cut of some sort that has been discussed to see it come together as the book intended.

Despite the long run time it never felt that long and that is a testament to the performances and story execution. I can’t compare the finished product to the book since I have never read it, but I do know the story. I love what director Andy Muschietti has done with these films and cannot wait to sit down and watch them both again.

This release not only includes the film but also bonus content including commentary and numerous featurettes that take you behind bringing this final chapter to life. Grab your raincoat and head into the sewer to grab your copy of IT: Chapter Two available now on digital and then on 4K Ultra, Blu-ray and DVD on December 10th from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

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