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Warner Bros. iZombie The Complete First Season Blu-ray

                                               by Bobby Blakey

Hot off the heals of bringing his popular Veronica Mars series to the big screen, creator Rob Thomas teamed up with producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright to adapt Chris Roberson and Mike Allerd’s comic book series iZombie to television. The series debuted last season to great reviews and now fans that missed out or just want to revisit it once again can bring it home with iZombie the Complete First Season.

iZombie follows a medical student who becomes a zombie and joins a Coroner's Office in order to gain access to the brains she must reluctantly eat so that she can maintain her humanity. But for every brain she eats, she also inherits their memories. Now she uses her abilities to solve their deaths with help from the Medical examiner and a police detective. This is one of those shows that is so much more than you might expect from it. It feels very much like Veronica Mars, but with the hint of zombies in for good measure and that is a good thing. They have created a lighthearted fun show bringing the love of zombies along with witty humor and just enough dark themes to make it stand out and never get silly. Being based off of a comic you never know what kind of interpretation it will end up getting, but here they have made something that caters to fans of the genre and never have to have read the book before, but of course if you had makes it all the more entertaining. It features a great cast including Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Robert Buckley, Rahul Kohli, and David Anders who all seem to be having a lot of fun making this show. The first few episodes are good, but are a bit bumpy as it tries to find its way, but once it gets going it works well and takes on some fun directions. For those who want the zombie fun without all the dark brooding gore and deep storylines, then this show is the perfect fit. It doesn’t dumb it down or anything, but it makes it feel like just another mystery series with the addition of the zombies into the world taking to the next level.

This is a fun series that could have gone horribly wrong, but thankfully it is in perfect hands. This collection features not only all 13 episodes from the season, it also includes deleted scenes and the 2014 Comic Con Panel to add to the fun. Get a taste for brains and grab your copy of iZombie the Complete First Season already available on DVD and now they are bringing it to Blu-ray exclusively at and all online retailers on July 12th from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.  

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