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                 Justice League:
Crisis On Infinite Earth-Part One
                                       review by Bobby Blakey


For years Warner Bros and DC Comics have been churning out some great animated features including Batman: Killing Joke, The Death of Superman, Batman: Soul of the Dragon and more recently Batman: Doom Comes To Gotham. With their film Superman: Man of Tomorrow they kicked off what they refer to as the Tomorrowverse that has currently spanned five other films and now leading into the new trilogy with Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths-Part One.

Justice League Crisis on Infinite Earths - Part One follows the mysterious Monitor who has gathered the greatest team of Superheroes ever assembled to face something worse than death: oblivion. Not just for our Earth, but for everyone, everywhere, in every universe! But what can the combined might of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern and hundreds of Superheroes from multiple Earths even do to save all of reality from an unstoppable antimatter Armageddon?!

Darren Criss as Superman & Earth-2 Superman, Stana Katic as Wonder Woman & Superwoman and Jensen Ackles as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Aside from the returning voice cast, a star-studded ensemble takes shape including Matt Bomer as The Flash/Barry Allen, Meg Donnelly as Supergirl & Harbinger, Jimmi Simpson as Green Arrow and Zachary Quinto as Lex Luthor. Additional cast includes: Jonathan Adams as Monitor, Ike Amadi as J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter, Amazing Man & Ivo, Geoffrey Arend as Psycho Pirate & Hawkman, Zack Callison as Dick Grayson/Robin, Alexandra Daddario as Lois Lane, Alastair Duncan as Alfred, Matt Lanter as Blue Beetle & Ultraman, Ato Essandoh as Mr Terrific, Cynthia Hamidi as Dawnstar, Aldis Hodge as John Stewart/Green Lantern & Power Ring, Erika Ishii as Doctor Light/Dr. Hoshi & Huntress, David Kaye as The Question, Ashleigh LaThrop as Iris West, Liam Mcintyre as Aquaman & Johnny Quick,

Nolan North as Hal Jordan, Amazo & Homeless Man, Lou Diamond Phillips as The Spectre & Owlman, Keesha Sharp as Vixen and Harry Shum Jr. as Brainiac 5.


With this recent stream of DCU films in the Tomorrowverse it took me a while before I was really digging the thicker line art style. At this point I am kind of used to it and it’s grown on me. With this latest big endeavor, they have once again managed to kick off something pretty great. Sure, it veers away from some elements of the source material, but the core of it is still intact. It wastes no time getting right into the thick of it with an opening scene that perfectly circles back by the end of the film to keep you invested in the perils of the varying Earths.


The best thing about these stories is the chance to offer up so many characters and variations of them. They have jam packed this first outing with tons of both as well as enough action to make you almost wonder how they squeezed a story in there. They keep it pretty tight, but still manage to bring plenty of heart into the mix to make you care about these characters ant what Flash and Iris are going through.


The artwork is pretty much on par with the previous films in this series and looks great. It’s more standout with the bold lines as opposed to the thinner look we are used to, but I think it has found its groove and looks great. The voice actors all do a great job with their characters and make for a set up that not only leads us into more for the next two films, but also as a standalone all by itself. Hardcore fans will likely have some issues with the liberties, but if you just let it play out the way it does with this cast of icons then I think you will have a great time and be eagerly waiting for the next entry.  


In addition to the feature this release offers up bonus content including featurettes taking you behind bringing this iconic story to animated life. Grab your copy available now on digital, 4K steelbook and Blu-ray.

Be on the lookout for parts 2 & 3 of the trilogy in 2024 from Warner Bros and DC Comics.

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