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Kevin Hart: What Now?           review by Bobby Blakey

There is no denying that Kevin Hart is the most successful comedian today and likely of all time. He has conquered the comedic stage and feature films and with his latest concert film What Now? is bringing these two aspects together, but does it live up to the hype it has pushing with the promos or will it fail to bring the laughs?

There have been a ton of theatrical released comedy specials through the years from a variety of comedians including Kevin Hart himself, but what sets this one apart was the epic nature of what Hart pulled off. For this performance Hart took to the stage at Philadelphia's outdoor venue, Lincoln Financial Field and performed in from of $50,000 people. This feat alone was outstanding, but what he brought to the stage and in this case the screen showcased why he has become the comedy icon he is already. Like other specials the film kicked off with a fun movie like opening that they have been showing in the trailers placing Hart in a James Bond like scenario. This aspect of the film offers up some laughs including some fun star cameos but as a whole doesn’t offer up much more than what they showed in the trailers. While this might be something that throws some off, it was actually a great marketing feature so not to give away hardly any of the stand-up special itself.

When Hart hit the stage to do what he does he does not disappoint. Obviously comedy is subjective, but his real life storytelling and stage presence had me laughing throughout. There is a great stage set up that brings some visuals to his stories that reminded me of some of John Leguizamo’s performances in the best way possible. Hart s great at crafting a story and is all the funnier when he is cracking himself up. His comedy works because it isn’t always about the forced punchline, but instead letting the story play out and him showcasing the humor in life and behavior. There are a lot of comedians that do this and those that can make the story truly come to life and make you relate are the ones that truly bring the magic to the stage.

Obviously if you do not like Kevin Hart then you will likely not find this film entertaining, but if you don’t I question your ability to laugh in general. Kevin Hart is one of the few comedians that feel genuine in his appreciation of his fans and everything that he has accomplished which makes him all the more likeable and it comes across even more so on stage.

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