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Legend of Bruce Lee:              Volume 3

              review by Bobby Blakey

Bruce Lee. There have been so many takes on his life and career over the years, but in 2008 CCTV produced and broadcast a 50 episode TV series focusing on his life. Now Well Go USA is bringing the final 10 episodes of the series to DVD with Legend of Bruce Lee: Volume 3.

In the final episodes, after winning a high-profile martial arts championship, Bruce Lee catches the eye of a Hollywood producer, George, who sees great potential in the skilled young master and wants to make him a movie star. Eager to break onto the American film scene, exhibit his new kung fu style, Jeet Kune Do, and change the negative portrayal of the Chinese in mainstream media, Bruce throws himself wholeheartedly into a potentially lucrative art. But discrimination in the industry runs deep, and Bruce must fight for his dreams of becoming the first Chinese martial arts film star to achieve worldwide fame. Much like the first two volumes, these last episodes are in the soap opera style as opposed to an action drama series that you might have hoped for from the series. Sure it is interesting seeing his story be told, but it is often times hard to stick with just because of its format. If you can get past the production style of the show then you might still find something to entertain you. The story is clearly focused on his journey in the martial arts as opposed to his whole life which we all know that is all people want to see anyway. These episodes shift a lot of the focus on his film career and lead into the world that most know of him.

This direction of the story is a bit more interesting than the first 20 episodes, but still lacks a bit in the quality of the martial arts action. Most of them are still so slowly executed that it screams choreography and never fully sucks you into the fight itself. This is sad because there are so many great moments that could have really taken this show to the next level, but are more miss than hit. Despite these issues fans of Lee will no doubt still find something engaging here whether it be the story itself, the fights or the varying who’s who of martial artists that appear throughout the run of the show. 

This is far from the show fans want following the life of Bruce Lee, but at the same time it does seem passionate and respectful of his legacy with good intentions and is no doubt a must have for fans of the iconic man. This final volume of the hit Chinese series features the final 10 episodes of the series so decide for yourself and grab your copy of The Legend of Bruce Lee: Volume Three as well as both Volume One and Two available now on DVD rom Well Go USA. 

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