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review by Bobby Blakey

Some of my favorite movies are ones that are so strange that most audiences just can’t connect. Often times the more bizarre the better and the latest Lemon starring Brett Gelman, Judy Greer, Michael Cera, Shiri Appleby, Nia Long, Marla Gibbs, Gillian Jacobs, and Rhea Perlman looks to fit that category. Could this be another one  of those strange hidden gems or will it be a bonafide lemon?

Lemon follows Isaac Lachmann, a dud. Isaac Lachmann is 40. Isaac Lachmann is a man in free fall immobilized by mediocrity. His career is going nowhere. His girlfriend of ten years is leaving him. And his overbearing family doesn’t help matters. What did he do to deserve this? Things were supposed to work out differently for him. Isaac Lachmann had big dreams. Now he just watches as his life unravels. This is a strange movie, but not in story so much as much as just overall performance. Brett Gelman does a great job in the role bringing a likeable, but unhinged persona to the role. As the film goes on you kind of start changing your opinion of him, but still kind of understand his world or at least as much as you can. The rest of the cast are the same with Nia Long about the only one in the film that gives a normal performance.

The story itself is where it fumbles as it is engaging throughout, but is so all over the place fails to always hit its mark. This seems to be by design in the development of the story and its overall structure and on that aspect it works great. Where it will lose most is the overall lack of real direction into a finale. Instead it just showcases a series of events that are intertwined, but in the end wrap up to very little. The film actually ends quite abruptly without the kind of resolution hat most would like, but is the exact kind this film should have had.

It’s not fair to review this film like your standard fair because it is something all its own. If you like films that are a bit out there and filled with strange, but interesting characters then this is the movie for you. In addition to the film, this release also includes deleted scenes, interviews and the trailer. Take a chance on the bizarre and check out Lemon available now on DVD and Digital HD from Magnolia Home Entertainment.

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