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Love Wedding Repeat            review by Bobby Blakey


Netflix has continued to churn out some great TV shows and movies with each getting better and better. The latest Love Wedding Repeat takes on the romantic comedy genre and stars Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn, Frieda Pinto, Joel Fry, Allan Mustafa and Eleanor Tomlinson. This innovative romantic comedy about the power of chance offers alternate versions of the same wedding, but does it deliver the love and laughs or will it fail to make it to the alter?

Love Wedding Repeat follows Jack who tries to make sure his little sister has the perfect wedding day. But he'll have to juggle an angry ex-girlfriend, an uninvited guest with a secret, a misplaced sleep sedative, and unexpectedly reuniting with the girl of his dreams who got away, Dina. If he succeeds, Jack might find a happy ending of his own. I have been a Munn fan since her days on G4 so I will check out most anything she does, but this project seemed even more interesting with the alternate version options as the movie plays out. While it didn’t do this as complete as I thought it might it still manages to be a funny film that offered up more than I expected.

The story is pretty simple with the beginning being the only piece that kind of feels out of place. This makes total sense and all it just feels like something was missing to make it flow better. This is a small element that really only serves as the set up for the rest of the film and a great payoff line at the end. Once we get to the meat of it all at the wedding it is off to the races and jokes around every corner. Not sure what I expected, but this was not it in the best way possible. I laughed out loud numerous times thanks mostly to the varying supporting cast.

Both Munn and Claflin do a good job, but they are more the straight characters for the wacky supporting cast that all knock it out of the park. Munn’s ongoing reactions to the one particular character she is forced into various discussions with make the laughs all the better. Both Claflin and Fry get the chance to relive the same situation while offering completely different performances that is all kinds of funny. My favorite character of the entire film is played by Tim Key who is so awkward and annoying it works to perfection.

I enjoyed this film way more than I expected to. Those thinking this is just another romantic comedy will be in for a treat. There is so much hilarious chaos and fun here that perfectly wraps the constantly interrupted love story into a fresh new mold all its own while still feeling familiar. Check it out for yourself and attend the wedding of Love Wedding Repeat available now on Netflix.    

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