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Interview with Savage Dog star Marko Zaror

                                                                            by Bobby Blakey

Most people associate the martial arts genre with Asian cinema, but there are not only varying arts around the world; there are also rising action stars as well. In 2006 unknown director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza teamed up with then unknown star Marko Zaror to unleash the first South American martial arts film Kiltro. Since then Zaror has gone on to cement himself as a martial arts action star appearing in films such as Machete Kills, Redeemer, Undisputed III: Redemption and an awesome run on the TV series From Dusk Till Dawn. Now he is squaring off once again with Scott Adkins in his latest film Savage Dog and I had the chance to sit down with him again to discuss this new action film.


Bobby: How did you get involved with Savage Dog?


Marko: I’ve known Jesse from about 15 years ago when he was shooting his first film Pit Fighter. After many, many years we reconnected over coffee and he mentioned he had a role for me in this movie he was putting together. I loved the script, but when he told me Scott was playing the main character it was a no brainer for me.


Bobby: I know you and Scott worked together previously on Undisputed III. Does that make it easier working together to bring the fights to life on Savage Dog?


Marko: Of course, Scott is a really good martial artist and we have a really good rhythm when we fight together. There are some people that you can do fights with that has this rhythm that allows you to flow better. We were very excited to get to work together again.


Bobby: You have done so many action films, but this one is a bit different being a period piece. What do you do to prepare for a character like this?


Marko: I start with the physicality of the character, like the way he walks and fights. As a martial artist that physicality just comes first and this starts to open the emotional inner part of the character. Once I understand how he is going to move and fight which I used Savate that fits perfect for this time and type of character. After watching videos and studying Savate it came together and then getting into wardrobe helped to build it. For me it is very outside in to develop it.


Bobby: After doing so many films at this point, how much input to you get to bring this specific fighting style to this character?


Marko: Actually 100%. I was so happy that Jesse gave me the freedom to come up with my own style and Scott was also cool with it. The way he uses the knife and the ritual of cleaning it after using it was part of who he is and his past. These weren’t just fights, but something very personal and spiritual to him. So I was able to add that extra layer to the character as well as the fighting style.  


Bobby: As an actor with this being a period piece this time offers up a different world of technology or lack thereof and the way people carry themselves. Was this a big challenge for you as an actor?


Marko: Yeah, it is something that gives you a very clear focus because you know where you are going so specifically. There was a lot of reference to feed off of and it was kind of a fun different way to move and be, but it was also so clear because it was something so specific. I found it to be a lot of fun because this film was a big challenge for me which is why I took it and am excited about it.


Bobby: Since I got to speak with you a couple of years ago regarding the Redeemer I have to ask because I am such a big fan of that film if there have been any more talks about doing something new with that character?


Marko: There is always the idea, but we haven’t developed the script yet, but I really like that character. We have some ideas on the table that we want to analyze and could be a possibility for sure. We are hoping to shoot something with it soon.


Bobby: Do you have anything else coming up that you can tell us about?


Marko: For this year is The Green Ghost and then I worked on Battle Angel Alita with Robert Rodriguez that was an incredible experience. I am so happy to have been a part of that, there was a really good action scene in that I got to be a part of.


Bobby: Before I let you go I have to tell you that I loved your character Zolo and think he was the best on that series.


Marko: Ah yeah man, if you ask me I would love to continue that character somehow. I loved that character and it is my favorite character.


Bobby: That character needs his own show!


Marko: Yeah man! I’m up for it 100%. That would be a dream man.


Bobby: If it happens you already have a supporter who will promote the crap out of it right here!


Marko: (Laughs) Thanks man!


Bobby: I’m a big fan sir and thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me again. I loved Savage Dog and cannot wait to see your other projects coming up.


Marko: Thanks for the support man.


Check out Savage Dog in theaters now and on VOD and then on August 8th on VOD and iTunes from XLrator Media.

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