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 Max Cloud

review by Bobby Blakey


I love all things martial arts and Scott Adkins is one of my all-time favorites. I will watch anything he is in and love that he keeps taking on different kinds of roles in thrillers, action and even some comedy. His latest film Max Cloud looks to dive back into that same kind of action adventure fun with a video game twist, but does it bring the fun action or will it run out of extra  lives?


Max Cloud follows teen gamer Sarah who finds an “easter egg” and accidentally opens a portal into her favorite side-scroller, she becomes trapped in a notorious intergalactic prison, home to the galaxy’s most dangerous villains. To escape, she must finish the game with a little help from her not-so-savvy friend on the outside...or remain a 16-bit character forever.


I have been seeing tease images and hearing about this movie for a bit but had no idea if and when it was coming out. When the trailer finally debuted I was on the fence to how I felt about it. The film is pretty silly on purpose and after sitting realize its nostalgic 80s video game vibe and fun action really delivers. This film is camp galore and fully embraces it in every aspect from the sets and costumes to the old school video game look. This film might have been fun either way, but the unexpected addition of Adkins in this kind of role could have gone horribly wrong, but instead makes it work to silly fun filled perfection.


Know that this movie is silly from start to finish with Adkins hamming it up like only he can. He is so fun to watch here bringing the stereotypical 80s video game character to vibrant cocky life. From his mannerisms to his campy dialogue Adkins is all in really creating one of the most fun characters of his career. Despite the camp they make sure to allow Adkins to showcase his martial arts skills like the fans love while still making them over the top and fun to watch at times.


The rest of the cast are fun as well and coupled with the totally 80s look and feel with Adkins hamming it up and kicking butt makes this a cult classic in the making. Decide for yourself and get in on the silly fun of it all with Max Cloud available now on digital and then blasts its way onto Blu-ray and DVD on January 19th from Well Go USA.

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