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No One Will Save You         review by Bobby Blakey

Writer / Director Brian Duffield has been churning out some fun flicks in the horror / sci-fi genre for years writing The Babysitter, Love and Monsters, Underwater and Spontaneous that he also directed. Now he is back again with the film No One Will Save You starring Justified, Last Man Standing and Booksmart star Kaitlyn Dever. Could this film be yet another interesting addition to his filmography or will it not be worth abducting?


No One Will Save You follows a young woman who's been alienated from her community who finds herself in an action-packed face-off with a host of extraterrestrial beings who threaten her future while forcing her to deal with her past.


I knew nothing about this film going in other than Duffield and Dever’s involvement which was enough to have me interested. I am so glad I knew next to nothing because that is just what this film needs to make it all the better. This was a great flick that takes on the alien abduction genre complete with some cool classic looks to the aliens.


There is a minor build up initially, but once it kicks things off it hits the ground running and never lets up until the very end. The coolest thing about this film is that it is almost entirely without dialogue until some in the last act. This not only adds another interesting element to the mix but showcases Dever’s awesome performance through just her physical actions and expressions. She carries this movie to perfection and is the reason it works at all.


The story is simple and doesn’t try to be overly complicated and offers up some depth to Dever’s character and thankfully doesn’t try to explain everything. Instead, it just lets the aliens exist and be frightening as they wreak havoc on her life. I loved the classic design used that brings the stereotype alien visual to

the mix, but with some fun new twists and that are all kinds of cool. They take their time to fully reveal them, but once they do it is one new variation after the other than keeps it fresh at every turn.


Outside of Dever’s outstanding performance the aliens rule this movie and are all around awesome to watch. The sound mix of their growls and clicks add to their excellent execution that makes them bounce between intergalactic beings to just creatures. Add to that the great visual effects surrounding them and their ships and you have a masterful alien flick.


If there is any complaint and I had no issue here it is in the ending. There are some twists and turns in the end with a deeper direction to its climax that some might not like or understand, but I loved it. It completes the films journey in a unique way that is strange and satisfying without ruining any of the chaotic fun before it.


Decide for yourself and check out No One Will Save You streaming now on Hulu.  

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