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NEON new posters and release for Oldboy to celebrate 20th Anniversary

In 2013 director Spike Lee teamed up with Josh Brolin to deliver the film Oldboy to audiences, but the on that started it all was the 2003 release of the same name from director Park Chan-wook and starring Choi Min-Sik. Now to celebrate the classic films 20th Anniversary NEON is bringing the film back to theaters for fans to experience all over again for the first time.


Oldboy follows Oh Dae-Su, an obnoxious drunk abducted on a rainy night in 1988 who wakes up in a strange, windowless hotel room. Kept under lock and key for an unknown reason, Oh Dae-Su's invisible captors keep him fed and systematically sedated to avert suicide, providing only a color television to keep him company. After fifteen long years in captivity, perplexed Oh Dae-Su finds himself released. Now, his pitiless abductors encourage Oh Dae-Su to track down the ones behind the mysterious kidnapping and finally get his brutal, longed-for revenge on the unknown tormentor. However, who would hate Oh Dae-Su so much that he would deny him a quick and clean death?


To celebrate the films anniversary NEON has not only debuted these cool new character posters, but is also bringing the film back to select theaters restored and remastered on August 16th. While you wait to revisit or see the film for the first time, you can check out the new posters here now from NEON.

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