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​His Story

Bobby Blakey has been a professional writer and movie reviewer for over 5 ​years providing reviews, articles, and interviews for the,, Stumblebum Studios, and his own comic site: Last Stop Comic. In addition to being a writer, he runs BDG Studios, an art company that produces the comics 'Keepers of the Dawn' and 'Last Stop' that are written and illustrated by Bobby as well as being a ketch card artist for Topps working on properties such as Star Wars, Walking Dead, Garbage Pail Kids and more. 

He has a long time passion for film; both watching films and working in films. For years he worked in the independent film industry as an extra, stuntman, fight choreographer and director. This just further fueled his passion for all things related to film and television.

This site has been years in the making with the plan to team up Bobby and his wife Drusilla to bring their silly arguments to the masses to be entertained. While the term Hollywood Matrimony obviously plays on the married theme of "Holy Matrimony" it is also a perfect fit for his love and dedication to film as well as his wife.


Her Story


​Drusilla Blakey was a late bloomer when it comes to 'the love of movies'. Growing up, she only watched Saturday morning cartoons, the Wonderful World of Disney and Mutual of Omaha (young people, go google it).

As she got older she watched lots of movies on TV with her dad and became a fan of action, karate and 'shoot 'em up' type movies. When she was 15, Drusilla got her own TV and a VCR as a birthday gift and that's when things really took off!

Drusilla is now an avid TV and movie watcher. Known for not remembering actor's names, she and the husband had funny (and sometimes frustrating) times playing movie trivia. Combined with the fact that they would often have different opinions on movies, Drusilla thought this would be a funny idea for a movie review show.  So, this is how our Hollywood Matrimony Live show was born.

Playing on the theme of "Holy Matrimony" Drusilla designed this site to be a 'wedding invitation' to all their fans & viewers.

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