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                   Peter Pan 

Walt Disney Signature Edition

                                  review by Bobby Blakey

Disney is known for their infamous vault of films. For those that have been living in a vault and do not know what it is, it’s where they store all their movies and periodically re-release them in various formats. This brilliant tradition has made Disney films not only maintain their classic feel and nature, but also keeps from watering down the market. Known as their Diamond Edition’s, these Blu-ray releases sport high definition with restored picture and sound, as well as numerous special features.

If you’ve never taken the time to check out Peter Pan in the 60 plus years it’s been out, it follows three children who receive a visit from Peter Pan who takes them on an adventure in Never Land and head on into an ongoing fight with a band of pirates lead by Captain Hook. Peter Pan is one of those classic Disney films that probably stand out more than most with so many iconic characters and moments than any of their other films. Tinkerbell alone has spun off into her own universe of successful films almost surpassing Pan himself. This latest release features an amazing transfer of the film, which is always surprising considering the age of the production. The animation holds up to anything else out there and still amazes the amount of detail and quality from that far back.

It’s always cool to watch these films and see the amounts of things that they just wouldn’t put in an animated film these days without getting complaints, but these classics deliver it with such beauty they are hard to not overlook. Much like a lot of these older films it is actually a bit darker than you would expect from a kids movie, but that’s what makes it hold up so well over time instead of being one of those forgettable throw away features. Once again Disney has outdone itself and delivered a classic that looks and sounds perfectly.

In addition to the brilliant look and feel of this high def version, it sports some great special features from previous releases including a never before seen deleted scene and alternate ending, deleted songs, and featurettes and more. In addition they have also included all-new featurettes new to this release that take you further behind bringing this classic to life.

Relive the magic of Peter Pan and Disney like never before and pick up the Peter Pan: Walt Disney Signature Edition available now on Digital HD and then on Blu-ray on June 5th from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

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