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Phantasm Remastered             review by Bobby Blakey

While known for their releases of awesome Asian cinema, Well Go USA often brings the horror as well, but rarely do they take on something as iconic as Don Coscarelli’s 1979 cult classic Phantasm. Not only are they releasing it they have delivered an all-new remastered edition that is sure to have fans eager to add it to their collection.

Phantasm follows Mike, a young teenage boy who has just lost his parents. Afraid to lose his brother he follows him to a funeral, where Mike witnesses the Tall Man lifting a coffin on his own. Mike decides to investigate, and discovers that the Tall Man, protected by his flying spheres, is shrinking dead bodies down to half their normal size and reanimating them as slaves. It is then up to Mike, his brother, and Reggie the ice cream man to stop the Tall man. The film stars A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Reggie Bannister, and Angus Scrimm in the role that made him a horror icon. This is a really bizarre film that teeters on the edge between horror and sci-fi without ever really committing to either. I was never huge fan of the series as a whole and hadn’t actually watched this original in years, but can say that I had fun with it this time around. The over the top cheesiness and just utter strange nature of it all makes it a charming cult flick. I have always loved Angus Scrimm from the moment he freaked me out as the Tall Man when I was younger and seeing him now it doesn’t waver in the least. There is just something about him and his portrayal that makes this movie come together overall.

This new restoration was remastered by J.J. Abrams Bad Robot Productions and looks excellent. Sure the film looks dated, but it is crystal clear and looks great allowing you to see all the hell bent alien fun of it all. In addition to the film there are some fun features including commentary, interviews, trailers, deleted scenes and more. Follow the silver sphere and grab your copy of Phantasm Remastered available now from Well Go USA.

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