DC Comics announces Plastic Man mini-series

There are few character as over the top and classic as Plastic Man. While he tends to disappear from time to time the character has proven to be here for the long haul ever since his debut in 1941. Recently he returned in the new series The Terrifics, but that appears to be just the beginning.  

DC has announced that the famed stretchy character will return in an all-new 6 issue mini-series from writer Gail Simone who spoke on the direction of the new series saying, “One of my favorite takes on Plas was from the classic Grant Morrison/Howard Porter run. We are definitely taking inspiration from that, and just pushing it even further for rudeness’ sake. Plas is funny, happy and has enough star power to hold his own against the big guns. He’s not afraid of Batman, he’s not afraid of Darkseid, he’s only afraid of messing up, of going back to being the punk thug he used to be.”

Joining her on the series is artist Adriana Melo who has previously worked on Birds of Prey and Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica. Speaking on the art style here Melo said “I usually tend to do more realistically stylized work, but I also love scenes where I can take the opportunity to draw fun visual gags. I think that’s the challenge with this series: keep Eel O’Brian’s nature, maintain Plastic Man’s stretchy jokes, but also deliver that new twist that Gail gives to him.”

This is sure to be a fun new take on the famed character. While you will have to wait until June to get your hands on the first issue you can take a sneak peek of the issue here now along with the cover from Aaron Lopresti here now.

For more information head over to www.dccomics.com

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