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Lionsgate announces Rambo: First Blood and Rambo: Last Blood on 4K Steelbook

Sylvester Stallone is one of those few action icons that has managed to kick start more than one successful franchise. In 1982 Stallone took on an all-new role with First Blood that should have been a one-off film with the title character dying at the end, but thanks to a change in script kicked off the Rambo franchise spawning two sequels in the 80s another chapter in 2008 and the final entry in 2019. Now the ones that started and ended it all are both getting all new 4K Steelbook releases.


Rambo: First Blood follows John Rambo, a Vietnam War veteran seeking solace in the tranquil mountains of the Pacific Northwest. After he becomes the target of a cruel small-town sheriff and his deputies, Rambo must harness his combat skills in a heart-pounding struggle for survival. 


Rambo: Last Blood follows Rambo who tracks an old friend’s daughter after shes kidnapped, rescues her, and returns to his Arizona ranch. But when hit men are sent to take him out, the warrior in Rambo is fully and mercilessly unleashed. 


Both of these releases offer up plenty of bonus content including trailer, deleted scenes, outtakes, featurettes and so much more. Grab your copies of both Rambo: First Blood and Rambo: Last Blood when they hit 4K Steelbook on April 2nd from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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