Red Dawn

Collector’s Edition

            review by Bobby Blakey

There are two films from the 80s that I was obsessed with back in the day and watched anytime I could. The first being The Outsiders and the second being Red Dawn. Both of them felt to me like the same ideals just setting these people in different scenarios of life. Now thanks to Shout Factory’s brand Shout Select they are bringing the Red Dawn Collector’s Edition to Blu-ray.

If you never got a chance to check out this cool flick it follows Soviet, Nicaraguan, and Cuban troops who begin landing on the football field of a Colorado high school. In seconds, the paratroopers have attacked the school and sent a group of teenagers fleeing into the mountains. Armed only with hunting rifles, pistols, and bows and arrows, the teens struggle to survive the bitter winter and the Soviet KGB patrols hunting for them leading them to wage their own guerrilla warfare against the invading Soviet troops-under the banner of 'Wolverines!' This film features a who’s who of young Hollywood at the time including Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey, Ben Johnson, Harry Dean Stanton, Powers Boothe, Darren Dalton, Brad Savage, and Doug Toby with Conan the Barbarian director John Milius at the helm.

While this story seemed a bit farfetched at the time, I remember my mother freaking out about this movie thinking it could happen at any time. Now all these years later with the state of the world this feels all the more likely more than ever. Stepping away from the real world fears I still love this film. There are so many great moments throughout showcasing them rising up to defend what is theirs and sacrifice. There is some great action and emotional moments that make this film more than just another throwaway action piece. These elements are what was missing from the remake, but here still hold up well and made the film just as enjoyable today as it was then. Sure those that are attacking are not as much of a concern these days, but it will still have you thinking about the possibilities should you really see what the film is saying.

I know I probably make this film sound like a masterpiece, but I just somehow have always loved and connected with the film and still love it today. This release includes all of the previously released bonus featurettes as well as a an all-new featurette “A Look Back At Red Dawn” featuring cast and crew members. Join the Wolverines and their rebellion and grab your copy of the Red Dawn: Collector’s Edition Blu-ray available now from Shout Factory.

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