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Reno 911!: The Hunt For QAnon                     review by Bobby Blakey

In 2003 Comedy Central unleashed the COPS mockumentary series Reno 911! that ran for 6 seasons and the feature film Reno 911!: Miami in 2007. After the show ended it seemed we had seen the last of the department, but they returned for a short form version of the series on the Quibi service for season 7 before the service shut down after announcing an 8th season. Now they are back for another feature film this time on Paramount + with Reno 911!: The Hunt for QAnon featuring the returning cast Thomas Lennon, Carlos Alazraqui, Kerri Kenney, Wendy McLendon-Covey, Niecy Nash, Cedric Yarbrough, Mary Birdsong, Ian Roberts and Robert Ben Garant who also directs.


Reno 911!: The Hunt For QAnon follows the brave men and women of the Reno Sheriff's Department give you the 411 on the thin khaki line that keeps Reno, Nevada, on the straight and narrow. Led by Lt. Jim Dangle, the officers of Reno 911! attempt to keep the streets safe – mainly from themselves. In their latest case the the deputies of the Reno Sheriff's Department hunt for Q, the one behind all the QAnon conspiracies and their efforts cause them to get stuck at a QAnon convention at sea.

I love these characters so much so of course I was ready to see another feature with them. If you expect anything but over the top silliness with this franchise then you are really the one that has an issue. I had fun with this latest flick that does play up perfect for a streaming platform since it feels more like a long episode than a big feature. That isn’t a jab as it sticks to what it does and goes for it from beginning to end.

I admit that this idea does work way better in the series format bouncing between their various calls, but seeing them take on one big case and get to step out of their usual stomping grounds offers all kinds of craziness for them to get into and they do.

Everyone gets a bit of time to shine most notably in a funny musical number that makes little to no sense yet fits in perfectly. I love that this entire cast comes back to this while most of them have all gone on to bigger productions and roles, but here they are every time. This says a lot for them as performers and the cast unit that works so great together. While the film doesn’t go all in a much as I keep waiting for in regards to pushing the rating they still make sure it isn’t just more of the same stuff from the episodes.

I had a ton of fun with this film, but know it won’t work for everyone. My love for this series and these characters is cemented and any chance to see them do anything is a win for me. Big props to everyone in the cast for bringing their A game and self-deprecating humor to their own roles that makes them all the more entertaining. I hope this is the last we see of the Reno Sheriff’s department, but if it is it gave me just enough entertainment to keep me happy.

In addition to the film this release offers up bonus content including 10 deleted scenes. Grab your copy of Reno 911! The Hunt For Qanon when it hits DVD on July 19th from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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