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    Row 19
review by Bobby Blakey

Row 19_edited.jpg

Well Go USA continues to bring international films of all genres to the masses. While most noted for their Asian cinema, they have a pretty impressive line-up of horror flicks as well. The latest Row 19 stars Svetlana Ivanova, Marta Timofeeva, Wolfgang Cerni, Ekaterina Vilkova, Anatoliy Kot and Victoria Korlyakova. Could this Russian based horror flick bring the scares or will it fail to take off?

Row 19 follows a young doctor on board a plane who begins to suspect that the shadowy, terrifying force behind her own worst childhood nightmare may be back for blood when several flight passengers suddenly suffer gruesome, unexplained deaths.

​Some of the best horror films come from other countries so I am always eager to check out what they have to offer. This one kicked off kind of interesting and had me ready to see where it was going and then it slowed down to a crawl. IT takes a long time for anything to happen as it is trying to set the tone and introduce all the characters which is usually fine, but it’s never overly compelling.


As it moves on and things start to actually happen it does have some decent moments that offer promise, but then it falls back into the slow pacing and struggled to keep me interested. I was a bit let down as it felt like there was something bigger there to explore, but it never really goes all in. The explanation to everything and the final act is fine, but is uninspired and generic at best.



I kept finding myself getting interested and then disinterested throughout and never really fully invested. I have no doubt it will work for some, but for me it is a film that has potential, but just never found its right flight path. Decide for yourself and grab your copy of Row 19 available now on Blu-ray and DVD from Well Go USA.

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