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Lionsgate announces the SAW 10-Film 20th Anniversary Edition Collection

One of my favorite horror franchises of all time is SAW that kicked off back in 2004. Since then it originally spawned seven sequels. Initially we thought it was over with Jigsaw in 2017, but then a new chapter dropped in 2021 bringing a new direction with Spiral: From the Book of SAW. This film did well enough for them to take it back to the beginning for a new prequel film SAW X in 2023. Now all 10 films are coming together to celebrate its 20th anniversary in one complete collection.  


This series follows John Kramer aka Jigsaw who sets out on a mission to make others appreciate their lives through a series of torturous traps and games like no other. As the series progresses it weaves a blood-soaked tapestry of violence and mystery of who is involved, what is the ultimate game and how they are connected to Jigsaw himself. The timeline wraps through past and present as we learn to play the game his way.


This collection features all 10-films in the franchise, including the most recent prequel SAW X together for the first time in this awesome collection. AS if the films weren’t enough it offers up various bonus features and some other surprises that are sure to please any fan of the franchise.


It’s time to play a game when the SAW 10-Film Collection – 20th Anniversary Edition hits Blu-ray + DVD on March 5th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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