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Scare Package      review by Bobby Blakey


I love a good anthology horror flick when they allow the filmmakers to cut lose. With the latest, Scare Package it sold me on its 80s/90s vibe right away, but wasn’t fully sure what I was getting into. Could this flick be as fun as it appears or will it be one not returning to the video store?

Scare Package follows Chad Buckley, a lonely Horror aficionado, spending his days overseeing a struggling video store and arguing with his only customer, Sam. When an unsuspecting job applicant arrives, Chad sets out to teach him the rules of Horror; weaving in and out of hilarious segments geared toward the ropes and tropes of terror.

I am going to just dive right in and say I love this movie. It is so clever and fun in every element brought to bring it to life. Right out the gate it showcases the ridiculous genius of it all creating a meta element that any hardcore horror fan will instantly appreciate. From there it switches gears and sets out on a journey that takes on all kinds of horror genre tropes to deliver one of the most entertaining films in the genre in years.

Each of the stories is more fun than the next letting the insanity and blood fly with little restraint. The video store tie to it all takes me back to my own days working in a video store and all too familiar nonsense of it all while loving the movies and talking about them. This serves an even bigger purpose as it moves forward they took it to another level further cementing it as one of my new favorite horror flicks.

The film isn’t overly scary and plays up the laughs and quirkiness quite a bit, but never forgets to remind you that they are playing for keeps with blood, guts, and body parts flowing at a rapid pace. I’m keeping it vague because this is one you need to dive in and experience to fully enjoy the bizarre chaos and genius of it all.  

Even the bonus content add to the fun with yet another fun segment that was cut, blooper reel and so much more. Grab your copy of Scare Package when it hits On Demand, Digital, DVD and Blu-ray on October 20th from RLJE Films.

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