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review by Bobby Blakey

It’s been interested seeing the world of web-comics grow into its own world of self-publishing, but even more so how so many of the creators have found distribution of their collected editions through major publishers. The latest is creator Mac Smith’s hit web series Scurry that is getting an all-new single-print collected edition from Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment for the first time!

Scurry follows a world where humanity is gone and only animals have survived. Wix, a brave scout from a colony of house mice, must embark on a perilous journey into parts unknown, where he'll face dangerous threats, fantastic new creatures—and a destiny he never expected.

I love all things comic related and as a cartoonist myself am drawn towards stuff that also seems to translate into the world of animation as well. I honestly had never heard of this book prior to reading it and it was a pure delightful discovery of something I didn’t know I needed. The story and look of the book immediately reminded me of films like 1982 animated feature The Secret of Nimh from Don Bluth. This is obviously not the same story, but it just feels like it could take place in the same universe and it is excellent.

I loved this book from the amazingly beautiful artwork to the story that sucks you in right from the start. To take animal characters that are not

anamorphic or straight up cartoons and still make it relatable and believable in this type of setting is an outstanding achievement. Smith has crafted something special on all levels that brings together action, family, betrayal, hope and everything in between. I went in thinking it looked good, but would it work and left hoping to see more from this world.

In a world flooded with so many different unique visions in the comic world it is books like this that stand out on their own to bring something original and beautiful to the masses while it still being a familiar world. I highly recommend this book to both comic and non-comic fans alike and hope that this new release keeps getting this masterful book the recognition it deserves.

Grab your copy of the complete collection of Scurry when it hits stores on February 14th from Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment.

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