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Senior Moment  

     review by Bobby Blakey

Senior Moment.jpg

It’s hard for me to think of William Shatner as anything other than Captain Kirk, but he has had a long successful career beyond that including his long stint on the law drama Boston Legal. Now he is stepping into the world of the romantic comedy for his latest film Senior Moment co-starring Jean Smart and Christopher Lloyd from Puncture Wounds director Giorgi Serafini. Could this film bring the usual laughs for the genre or will it fail to pass the test?

Senior Moment follows Victor Martin, a retired NASA test pilot often seen speeding around Palm Springs in his vintage Porsche convertible with his best friend Sal in tow. His life changes when his license is revoked for drag racing and his car impounded. Forced to take public transportation for the first time, he meets his polar opposite Caroline and learns to navigate love and life again as he goes up against the state's new DA to get back his license and car.

I have to be honest outside of Star Trek I am not that big a fan of Shatner. He’s not bad necessarily, just never worked for me. I went into this film with low expectations and pretty much got what I expected. Take every generic trope of the romantic comedy, but change it out with an older crowd and you have this film. The whole thing comes across more like a Lifetime feature than much else that is entertaining on some level, but also wholly forgettable.

I give props to Shatner for going all in and being the brunt of a bunch of the jokes regarding his age. These are the moments I found worked the best, but the predictable nature and playing it safe held it back for going all in the laughs it might have had otherwise. I know they weren’t going for something outrageous or over the top, but had it had a little more to it it would have stood out a lot more.

Decide for yourself and check out Senior Moment available now on DVD from Screen Media Films.

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