South Park:

The Complete Twenty-Second Season

                                           review by Bobby Blakey

There are few cartoon series that have lasted as long as Comedy Central’s South Park. While the spotlight on the series isn’t as bright as it once was that hasn’t slowed it down one bit. Now fans can bring the latest season home with South Park: The Complete Twenty-Second Season.

This season of the long running series follows Cartman, Kenny, Stan, and Kyle as they have a memorable Halloween, get super cereal with Al Gore, and try to win the top prize in the town’s bike parade. They have continued to follow the serialized model with ongoing elements that carry into each episode that have made the show so much stronger recently. Every season of this show has somehow managed to keep the clever storytelling and laughs coming, but the show never really seemed to evolve and it didn’t need to. This season continued what made last season all the better. With each episode being connected and an ongoing story it just made the season feel bigger and all the more fun. This was almost a necessary direction for the show with so many characters involved at this point and the topic they are focusing on. While the main boys are still the focal point it is great seeing such a wide variety of characters getting the screen time because it really makes you feel like you are in the town of South Park as opposed to just their personal issues.

I love that they have kept the shows animation and look the same over the years, but continue making some improvements to make it feel updated periodically. Despite being only 10 episodes every episode delivers the laughs and offers up it’s usual over the top laughs with the usual brilliant writing. I will say that the ending of this season felt a bit more abrupt and felt like there should have still been more to finish the overall story. I think this is more likely because of it being so entertaining that the fan in me just didn’t want it to end. It still amazes me how they take so many current and sensitive issues and spin them in a way that slaps their message right in your face, but never feels preachy.  


Watching them uncut is the way this show should have always been as it feels so much more free and in turn the episodes flow all the better. There are some call backs to past seasons this time around that make you want to go back and see the previous seasons including an entire episode that harkens back to season 10. In the end fans of the series will love this season just as much as previous seasons and it is amazing that after so many seasons that this show is just as funny and relevant as ever.

This collection offers up all ten episodes of the season as well as deleted scenes, commentary and more taking you further behind the always brilliant series. Grab your copy of South Park: The Complete Twenty-Second Season when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on May 28th from Comedy Central and Paramount Home Entertainment.

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