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Spider-Man: Homecoming

                             review by Bobby Blakey

Marvel fans have been clamoring for the other big names of the Marvel Universe to jump into their cinematic universe. During this year’s Captain America: Civil War fans finally got their wish when everyone’s favorite wall crawler Spider-Man swung right onto the big screen and officially became part of the cinematic universe. Now he is swinging onto the big screen for his own officially canon feature as part of the MCU starring Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei, Donald Glover, Jon Favreau, Michael Keaton and Bokeem Woodbine, but can it capture the essence of the character teased so perfectly in Civil War or will it be unable to spin its web?

Spider-Man: Homecoming follows Peter Parker who returns home after his experience with the Avengers, where he lives with his Aunt May, under the watchful eye of his new mentor Tony Stark. Peter tries to fall back into his normal daily routine - distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just your freindly neighborhood Spider-Man - but when the Vulture emerges as a new villain, everything that Peter holds most important will be threatened. As someone who loves the previous Spider-Man films, yes all of them, I was a bit hesitant with them changing things up again as I loved Andrew Garfield in the role. When Tom Holland debuted in the role in Captain America: Civil War he perfectly captured the essence of the character making me eager to see him get his own solo film.

From the moment this film begins you know you are in for a treat and some Spidey fun. They kick things off with two segments that not only connect the film into the MCU all the way back to the original Avengers, but also a fun way to remind you his introduction in Civil War. Once this set up is done we get right back into Pete’s life that perfectly captures everything that is Peter Parker without forcing the audience through yet another origin story. They use a couple of throw away lines to remind you of what got him here and then move right into this new chapter of his life. Some complaints were about the inclusion of Tony Stark aka Iron Man to make this more of a team up film instead of a Spidey film, but have no fear this is his film all the way. While Iron Man is present he is few and far between with it really a more glorified cameo to help keep it connected to the other parts of the universe. These segments with them together are pretty important to Peter’s growth to who he is destined to become and works well to bring it home.

Finally after all these films we have a villain I love as much as Loki in the MCU with Michael Keaton’s Vulture. He is sinister in the best possible way and his story is so much bigger than you might think. Hardcore Marvel fans will notice some familiar characters as part of his crew that will likely make them giddy and promises so much more in the future. There is plenty of classic Spider-Man action and mouthy quips giving fans the version of the character they have really been waiting for all packaged together in an awkward boy who screams Peter Parker. While the action is great it’s the character moments and his teen situations that really make this film so much different than the other Marvel films, yet still fits firmly in place.

Of all the Spider-Man films to date this is easily the best version of the character and overall film in my opinion. It is funny, dark, heart felt and action packed from beginning to end. This may not be an origin of Peter Parker getting his powers, but it is the origin of a young man finding his way in life and as a the superhero we all know and love. This is the perfect introduction to the character that feels way smaller in scope, but still sits atop the scale of the other films like it should. Of course this film offers up some great after credits scenes including a final end credit sequence that was my favorite to date.

This latest installment in the web slinger franchise not only includes the film but a ton of bonus features including deleted scenes, a gag reel, featurettes and so much more. Grab your copy of Spider-Man: Homecoming available now on Digital HD, 4K Ultra, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and DVD from Sony Home Entertainment.

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