Lucasfilm debuts new episode of Star Wars Roll Out


Throughout the years the Lucasfilm has taken on all sorts of animation styles to bring the fun of Star Wars to all ages. With their Star Wars Kids YouTube channel they have an all new avenue for their projects that includes the ongoing series Galaxy of Adventures. The latest one that is the more unique of them all is the short series Star Wars Roll Out.

Star Wars Roll Out is a series of whimsical animated shorts featuring new adventures in a charming and unique animation style. Join Rey, Chewbacca, BB-8, the porgs, and other favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away, in a bright and colorful art style perfect for children and adults!

There are already numerous episodes there to enjoy that take on three current stories. The latest, Finn and the Busted Droids: Chapter 3 is now available. You can check out the latest episode here now, but be sure to head over to check out the rest of the episodes and all the other fun content they have available on the Star Wars Kids YouTube Channel.