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     Streets of Fire Collector’s Edition

              review by Bobby Blakey

Shout Factory continues to bring classic films home through their Shout Select brand. Their latest to get this treatment is Walter Hill’s 1984 rock and roll action flick Streets of Fire starring Michael Pare, Willem  Dafoe, Dianne Lane, Rick Moranis, Bill Paxton, Amy Madigan, Robert Townsend, Stoney Jackson, Mykelti Williamson, and Elizabeth Daily.

Streets of Fire follows a Rock and Roll singer who is taken captive by a motorcycle gang in a strange world that seems to be a cross of the 1950's and the present or future. Her ex-boyfriend returns to town and to find her missing and goes to her rescue. I don’t know what it was about this film, but when I was a kid I watched it every time I came across it on TV. I never could figure out fully what was going on or what time it was supposed to take place in, but it was engaging nonetheless. After revisiting it for the first time in years I still found myself just as invested while seeing how bad of a movie it really is in the best way possible. The story is simple and works, but there strange choice of time period mash up and the look of Dafoe make it completely baffling to what Hill was thinking when he put this feature together. It is filled with silly one liners and about every 80s cliché you can think of all wrapped in one big rock video that manages to entertain right up until the last minute.

I cannot lie and say this is a good film, but it is one that has to be seen to really experience it in all of its strange glory. In addition to this film this release includes a variety of bonus features including vintage featurettes, music videos and so much more. Grab your copy of Streets of Fire Collector’s Edition when it hits Blu-ray on May 16th from Shout Factory.

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