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The Flag of Iron
    review by Bobby Blakey

Flag of Iron.jpg

I love all things martial arts and grew up with the iconic Kung-Fu Theater on TV that often times featured films from The Shaw Brothers. In 1980 they debuted the film The Flag of Iron directed by Cheh Chang and co-starring Phillip Chung-Fung Kwok, Sheng Chiang, Feng Lu, Li Wang and Shen Chan. Now The Flag of Iron is getting the Blu-ray treatment from 88 Films.


The Flag of Iron follows rivals, betrayal and family feuds when the master of the Iron Flag clan is killed by a mysterious assassin known only as Spearman, it sets off an explosive chain of events which pits two brothers against each other in an action-packed adventure of fist flying fury.

I love this flick. It is jam packed with action around every corner. There is so much fighting here it barely has a story, but it works. They offer up just enough of the generic story of betrayal and clan rivalries to move it forward, but it is really not even necessary. They have so many great fights here that you really don’t care why they are fighting and even often times may forget who is on what side.

None of these are complaints as it delivers everything I love about these movies in mass quantities. It is also one of the bloodier of the features with blood flying during every fight including a great shot of a flag spear that has been thrown straight through someone and dripping with blood. So much good stuff in this one, but I think my favorite aspect is the use of the flag spears. The sounds effects and visuals of the flags moving during the fights is mesmerizing and fully encompasses everything you remember about this genre.

Included in the package are a Limited Edition Slipcase with brand-new

artwork from R.P. “Kung Fu Bob” O’Brien, Double-Sided A3 Foldout Poster, Extensive Booklet notes and an Audio Commentary by Asian Cinema experts Mike Leeder and Arnew Venema.

Grab your copy of The Flag of Iron available now from 88 Films.

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