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Enter for a chance to win a copy of The Flying Swordsman

Well Go USA continues to churn out all sorts of interesting films across all genres. The latest, The Flying Swordsman reunites the stars of Sakra, Huawei Zhao and Ray Lui, along with Yusi Chen, Shanshan Chunyu, and Zihan Chen from The Assassin director Lei Qiao -K.

The Flying Swordsman follows a wicked plot to steal a hidden fortune that results in the death of two renowned warriors, where the map leading to the treasure’s rumored location inexplicably disappears. But when the map is finally located a decade later, the eight assassins from the original plot re-emerge only to be challenged by a mysterious swordsman.

Now you can enter for a chance to win a copy of The Flying Swordsman and all you have to do is subscribe to our site, Facebook page here, Twitter page here, Instagram page here and our YouTube Channel here and tell us your favorite sword wielding action film and why?

It’s that simple! All entries will be entered in the contest and the winner will be chosen at random so please include your complete mailing address with your entry. You can find the email address to submit your entry on the front page of the site. 

If you don’t win have no fear, you can still grab your copy of The Flying Swordsman when it hits digital and DVD on January 9, 2024 from Well Go USA.

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