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The Flying Swordsman             review by Bobby Blakey

Well Go USA continues to churn out all sorts of interesting films across all genres. The latest, The Flying Swordsman reunites the stars of Sakra, Huawei Zhao and Ray Lui, along with Yusi Chen, Shanshan Chunyu, and Zihan Chen from The Assassin director Lei Qiao -K. Could this be yet another master martial art feature or will it fall on its own blade?

The Flying Swordsman follows a wicked plot to steal a hidden fortune that results in the death of two renowned warriors, where the map leading to the treasure’s rumored location inexplicably disappears. But when the map is finally located a decade later, the eight assassins from the original plot re-emerge only to be challenged by a mysterious swordsman.

I love these kinds of martial arts films. They bring into the wuxia genre that gives the master’s various unique abilities or powers that are taught through their training. This always offers up a lot more fun and over-the-top action and here is no different. They have infused a bit more supernatural abilities here as opposed to just the martial arts stuff, and it makes for some great moments.

Sure, the film gets bogged down on itself at times as it tries to bring a variety of twists and turns, but thankfully keeps it pretty streamlined most of the time. The set up is simple and brings just enough to get things moving and in turn ends up making come of the final moments surprises all the better and unexpected. There are some elements that are pretty obvious, but some others that I didn’t even think about, and it really elevates the story at hand.

There is a ton of action here bringing in some great wire work, clever weaponry

and martial arts fun. One of my favorite aspects of this genre is the creative new weapons and styles they develop to help each character stand out. This film is no different and pulls no punches to bring all these elements forward and succeeds. The fun here is the action and how it is used in conjunction with their weapons and surroundings. There are a ton of beautiful shots here enhanced by snow and nature that brings beauty to the violence.

This film isn’t bringing all that new to the genre, but it still delivers what I was hoping for, and will no doubt be one that fans will have a good time with. Decide for yourself and grab your copy of The Flying Swordsman when it hits digital and DVD on January 9, 2024, from Well Go USA.

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