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The Gardener    review by Bobby Blakey

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In 2018 I started seeing things about a new film that looked like the return of Charles Bronson, but sadly he passed away in 2003 so unless this was some sort of long lost film that just wasn’t possible. Enter Hungarian actor Robert Bronzi who is a spitting image for Bronson and has now kick started his own action film career. Hist latest film, The Gardener teams him up with martial arts actions tar Gary Daniels, but does it bring the expected action or will it fail to plant enough seeds for growth?

The Gardener follows a troubled wealthy family that gathers in a quaint manor home for the holidays, never suspecting that bloodthirsty, sadistic Volker and his crew linger at the gates, ready to attack, rob, and maim them at nightfall. But they didn’t count on the estate’s quiet gardener, Peter Juhasz who must return to the savage ways he learned as a soldier to save the family.

I have become a fan of Bronzi whose old school action flicks aren’t necessarily good, but there is just something fun about them. There is no confusion to the films they are making, but up until now all the ones I had seen were pretty much just Bronzi and other actors I had never heard of. This time around I was even more excited to dive into this one because I have been a fan of Daniels for years going all the way back to his appearance in Ring of Fire in 1991.

The movie itself is a bit more raw and serious than Bronzi’s last outing Escape From Death Block 13. It doesn’t always work and some of the performances and direction are pretty bad, but the old school vibe and action keep it up to par with what I have come to enjoy from his flicks. Bronzi is pretty much the same in every flick and this one is no different. He is the strong silent figure and dives right into kicking butt throughout like he does.

Daniels takes on the villain role that is a bit clichéd, but one that gives him a chance to kick some ass on both his own men and against Bronzi. I would have loved to see him get a bit more to do, but he chewed up every scene when he wasn’t throwing the fists and feet. Make no mistake this is not a great flick, but yet another guilty pleasure for me thanks to the cast involved. I am well aware of what is here and have fun just letting it be.

Decide for yourself and check out The Gardener available now on DVD from Lionsgate.

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